( carara white marble)
3' x 6' x 2'
Comissioned for the Madison, Wisconsin Public Library 1994

"Hidden Within"
( carara white marble)

"Awaken to a Dream"
(Portuguese pink marble)

"Hidden Within" (detail)
( carara white marble)

“Enter Most ”
(Portuguese pink marble, steel and wood)

We are constantly compressed by the bombardment commercial visual imagery. We loose..have lost….our sense of self. We hide ourselves beneath a veil of visual armor to protect our enter most self. To search…to empower ourself to gain the reality of self….free from the unfounded fear of acceptance…Who are you??? Why are you?? To touch…….you. With all the healing of true acceptance. To know me…you…deep within our souls… go there and back….and its OK.

"Artist Statement"

Being of Italian descent and raised in Italy as a youth, marble sculpture was a part of me. Drawn back to Italy as an adult after my formal art education at the UWW Madison, I pursued the medium of stone sculpture. There, learning the techniques of stone carving from Italian master carvers, I found the medium that satisfies me most as an artist.

The touch of stone and its sense of permanence enliven me. When working the stone I am constantly intrigued as to how the stone goes through changes from rough, uncut, and jagged to smooth, sculpted, and polished. Working the stone, both rough and smooth, I find sensitive and sensual.

The theme of my work is the universal human need to express indignation within the human experience. The human figure expressed as an icon depicts these ubiquitous emotions and feelings. This iconic figure transcends written and verbal communication making an effective vehicle for visual art.

My stone work is a combination of figurative and abstract forms. The work's intent is to be provocative and haunting in symbolism. The sculpture is a visual interlude between encompassing figures and the abstraction of forms. Figures peer out from the surface in juxtaposition to the abstract forms from which they emerge.

The beauty, grace, and strength within the human form is used as a metaphor for the rebirth or rethinking of a society which is more at peace. In using this motif it is paramount that the emotional expression of the work is not overpowering. Focusing on creating subtle imagery will leave the viewer with a more open and accepting frame of mind. The hope of my work is to influence people to rethink their human connection in a positive way.

My work has been exhibited in the Wisconsin Artists show in Milwaukee and had a recent one man show at the Signature Gallery and the CitiArts space at the Municpl building. I have pieces in private collections as well as in galleries in Milwaukee and Stoughton. In addition, I have recently completed a public sculpture commission for the Madison Public Library. I have also completed a $120,000 commission for an outdoor site specific stone sculpture comemorating the Green Bush Neighborhood. The piece can be seen at the corner of Regent and Murray in Madison, Wisconsin.