The fountain and water fissure concept was inspired by a vision of creating an organic space that will facilitate human interaction in the plaza between the two bank buildings. The sculpture reflects the aftermath of an underground geophysics event where a unique shape burst up through the plaza cracking it in three directions, filling with water. Two of the directions parallel the natural traffic flow from the banks to the adjacent food mall. This mirrors the existing foot traffic to and from those areas. The use of water is incorporated to create a soothing tranquil space, enticing passer by to take advantage of the water feature. Natural stone benches are placed around the fissure opening to encourage people to sit for lunch, work, or gather on nice days.This organic element will also soften and contrast the geometric concrete patterning of the plaza.

The sculpture is design to create a variety of visual interests through out the year. This is achieved by incorporating fiber optic lighting so when the water is drained for the winter months, the fissure will be flooded with multi colored lights that will constantly change every few seconds. The occupants will especially appreciate this when the daylight hours are decreased in the winter months as they leave from work.

We also wanted to acknowledge, as all great commissioned art works, both client and artist must share in the same vision. We are fortunate that our client Terrence Wall shared and supported that vision. When Artist and patrons share and work toward the same vision…beautiful things occur.

The construction of such a unique sculpture and water feature is rather complex. There are many construction requirements making the project is rather challenging. There are several contractors working in concert, on different aspects of the project while addressing unique details, making the project even more ambitious.

It requires orchestrating the following

The Sculpture

The stone selected is a 10 ton, 6 foot block of Vineyard red stone. Is a mahogany color, which will become very deep rich color from the water cascading from the top. There will be three 1/2 inch polished stainless steel shapes sliced into the stone diverting some of the water down the stone. A 2-inch hole was first core bored through the entire 6-foot block. This is to allow the water to emerge from the top of the sculpture. The stone is carved first using diamond blade grinders. Then using pneumatic chisels, carve closer to the desired form. The last 1/4-inch of material is removed by hand using hand chisels and files. The type of chisels designs are the same as the last 500 years, what has changed is the material that they are made of.

Fountain and fissure

Built by Bachman Construction, has very unique challenges; The unique shape requires a custom building technique. They will plan and install the fiber optics surrounding the parameter of the fissure as well as supporting the 10-ton sculpture. Plumbing the fissure to insure the correct; maintenance, filtering and drainage of this unique shape adds to the complexity of its construction.

Plaza surrounding the fissure

Constructed by Tri-North Builders. The plaza will cantilever over the fissure. This will require a new building technique to create a broken effect at the plaza edge.