"I hope to influence people to rethink their connection to humanity in a positive way."               
Antonio Testolin   
Artist Statement:
Being of Italian descent and raised in Italy as a youth, I was exposed to marble sculpture. As an adult, that early impression has drawn me back several times to Italy after my formal education at the UW-Madison. Learning techniques of stone carving from Italian master carvers, I have now embraced this medium and its three dimensional qualities.
The touch of marble and its essence of permanence enliven me. When carving, I am constantly intrigued as to how the stone transforms from rough and jagged surfaces to smooth and polished forms. I am sensitive to the textures and how the emerging, undulating shapes can evoke a sensual quality. I also like to explore the relation of marble to other materials such as bronze and stainless steel. I find the contrast of elements fascinating, and I love probing the connections between these materials.

Gallery work:
The theme of my current gallery work is the need to express indignation with the negative influences that society imposes on the human experience. Each work includes an idealized human form that serves as an icon, a representation of human potential that ultimately conflicts with societal pressures and limitations. The beauty, grace, and strength within the human form is used as a metaphor for the rebirth or rethinking of society. In using this motif, it is paramount that the emotional expression of the work is not overpowering. Subtle imagery will leave the viewer with a more open and accepting frame of mind. The intent is to be provocative and haunting in symbolism with the hope to influence people to rethink their connection to humanity in a positive way. Viewing the work, there is a visual interlude between encompassing figures and the abstraction of forms. Figures peering out from the surface in juxtaposition to the abstract forms from which they emerge are woven into the piece with a harmonious sense of movement.